HGV-202F is a technology demonstrator program undertaken by HTNP Industries.

To develop, Test and validate enabling technologies for the hypersonic boost-glide body.

Hypersonic Boost-Glide Body Demonstrator Vehicle, HGV-202F

Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV), HGV-202F is set atop a booster rocket (or an ICBM). Like a payload on a conventional rocket, the booster takes it to the required altitude in the range of 60 to 100+ Km and provides the initial orientation & speed depending on the target. The HGV then Jettisons the expended booster and renters the atmosphere. And performs a high-degree Pull-up maneuver to enter the glide phase and finally the terminal trajectory. HGV-202F is an unpowered gliding body and uses aerodynamic forces to glide towards the target with a speed of Mach 10+ (or 5km/sec) five times the existing cruise missiles and much more maneuverable than existing ballistic re-entry vehicles (RVs).

Facts & Figures

The end product, HGV-202F will be capable of penetrating every existing defense system with its high maneuverability, less response time and unusual flight flight trajectory.

Mach 10+

Upper Hypersonic Speed


Customize & Extensible Design Philosophy


Indigenous Research & Design of The Enabling Technologies

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